William jensen


NYC bred bassist Will Jensen became a much sought after bassist and composer with a reputation for musicality, versatility and command of the groove on fretted, fretless, four, five and six string basses.  Hailing from the same musically fertile ground as legends Steve Vai and Joe Satriani;  Will has supported some of the most respected musicians in the business.  

His performance, recording and production credits include: Jen Majura, Alex Skolnick, Steve Vai,  Al Pitrelli, David Fiuczynski, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Liberty Devito (Billy Joel), John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sandro Vandenberghe, Ralph Agresta (yes, Will was the bassist on some old school Jam Trax products) Matt Cardin, Dave van Ronk , Stuff II, Chris Bates' Red Five and others. Current projects include: THRIO, LOTRM, HUB, jazzwordjazz,  F R A N K L Y,  Monster Product and NYC3. An ASCAP member, he currently has been focusing on composing production music for TV and Film.